Tiger Fan News

A Day of Wins and Losses for the Tigers!

This past Saturday, the tigers flag football team won their game against University Neighborhood and the lady tigers volleyball team split their double header.

Game Highlights:

Flag football: The flag football team defeated University Neighborhood with a final score of 24-14. Great running work from senior Elijah Morales & sophomore Ezekiel Prince. Senior Seydina Toure took a hard hit but recovered like a champ! Sophomore Allen Donkor was aggressively snagging those flags like no tomorrow.
Many thanks to Thomas from the security team for giving some additional direction and support to the boys.

Current record: 3-1

Next game:
Tuesday, 10/24 vs New Vision II
5:00pm – Wagner Playground, 120th & 2nd ave










Game 1: The lady tigers volleyball team split their double header on Saturday. They lost to Excellence, 25-19 and 25-18. Great effort by Senior Brittany Young diving on the floor to make incredible saves. Sophomore Aaliyah Martinez came into serve and gave the tigers key points to keep Excellence on their toes.

Game 2: The lady tigers defeated Equality 25-10 and 25-15 with the help of Junior Nicole Flores. The tigers were down 14-3, but Nicole served 15 straight points to give the tigers the lead! Captains Jocelyn Castillo and Icis Narvaez played the entire game. Junior Vita Haskins got 2 kills from spiking the ball and making sure the tigers maintained the lead!

Current record: 4-4

Next game:
Thursday, 10/26 vs Bronx Prep
5:45pm – Bronx Prep, 3872 3rd Ave.