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Soccer Team Scores Gold! Remains Undefeated 6-0!

Game Highlights:
Soccer: The soccer team remains UNDEFEATED as they beat Innovations 4-2! Junior Soumana Konate led the team with 2 goals while captain/junior Alex Banton and Dereck Agbo each scored one. With great offence comes great defense. Senior Gabriel Vargas saved more than 5 shots, but with the help of junior Odane Walsh.

Next game:
Location: Macombs Dam Park 161 street (across from Yankee stadium)

Current record: 6-0

Flag Football: The boys lost 27-12 against undefeated Bard. They put up a great fight scoring two touchdowns, one of which was a straight shot by senior Jeremy Torres. Although Bard played dirty, our boys kept it classy and played clean. For that, they are winners! Excellent effort by senior Elijah Morales and sophomore Eziekal Prince.

Next game:
When: Saturday, 10/28 – 12:00pm
Location: Wagner Playground 120th & 2nd ave

Current record: 3-2