Tiger Fan News

A Somber Day for Soccer.

AECI Soccer looses in the semi-finals against New Visions II in a competitive game, 2-0. Throughout the season the Tigers worked together and completed an undefeated season. Overall they were 10-0. In the sports world, having an undefeated season is no easy task.

A BIG SHOUT OUT! to the AECI Boys Soccer Team and Coach Akins on a successful game season.

AECI Soccer Team
Delroy Williams
Ramiro Herrera
Sehu Camara
Mohamed Ndiaye
Alex Banton
Wayne Blake
Oumar Misibahu
Joshua Bravo
Richard Frimpong
Kingsford Boateng
Derick Agbo
Rodolfo Baez
Mario Palacios
Chad Brown
Keron Paisley
Soumana Konate
Miguel Rodriguez
Odane Walch
Kelvin Akisi
Gabriel Vargas