The boys team ran extremely well. Three boys made it back to the finals for 100m dash and was able to score a total of 11 points for the team. Sophomore Wayne Blake placed 2nd and ran 11.71 seconds (AECI fastest time). Frershman Jeremiah Haynesworth placed 5th and ran 12.47 seconds. Junior Allen Donkor placed 6th and ran 12.77 seconds.

The girls team ran well but came up a little short. Freshman Mariam Kamara was the only girl to make it back to the finals for the 100m dash. She placed 6th and ran 15.67 seconds, which was able to score 1 point for the girls team.

Four staff members attended the track meet- Mr. Class, Mr. Barron, Ms. Figueroa and Mr. Lewis-!!

Great job by the AECI Track & Field team & Ms. Watkins!!