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The National Honor Society is part of a country-wide league of high school students who strive for setting positive examples through scholarship, leadership, service and character. The National Honor Society is well known amoung colleges and allows a space for students to build strong friendships academically AND socially. National Honor Society students enjoy bettering our communities, both inside and outside of of the school.

To remain enrolled, National Honor Society students must meet a minimum requirement of community service hours and tutoring hours. This is our way of showcasing our dedication to each other and our own personal growth.

Chelsea Althouse

NHS Advisor

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2019-2020 Student Council Applications Now Open!

The purpose of this governing body is to represent all students at AECI, to build a school community, and to develop programs that enhance student life. The Student Council welcomes new students during the application period each fall. As a governing organization Student Council serves as a representative voice for the student body by maintaining open lines of communication between students, deans, members of the administration, faculty members,, and members of the community, on school-wide issues.

It’s mission is to promote community for students by bringing them together for social gatherings, community service projects, and other fun events, and to represent student issues and concerns, as well as to support activities for student initiatives. The Council holds meetings weekly and all students are invited to attend. Taking an active part in Student Council, both at AECI and within the community at large, allows students to become better connected to the culture of learning and achievement.

Academic Advisor
Veronica Valencia




Parliamentarian Officer

Public Relations Deputy

Grade Level Senators
11th Grade

10th Grade

9th Grade

General Council Member

Respect For All is a student-run club, which provides a safe space for LGBTQ and straight students to meet, support each other, and talk about issues related to sexual identity and expression.

Activities include:

Field Trips
Community Service Opportunities (great for student college applications and resume)
Plan School Events
Guest Speakers

Josef Martonyi

Academic Advisor

Marc Basch

Academic Advisor

The Yoga Club provides students with opportunities to explore basic yoga poses, which help reduce stress and increase flexibility and strength. Yoga helps increase physical strength, flexibility and balance, and focuses on maintaining a positive attitude and enjoying an escape from daily stress.

Tara Werner

Academic Advisor

The Strength Training Club provides students another outlet to feel better about themselves. Strength training increases bone density, builds a stronger heart, decreases stress and anxiety, and gives the student a better overall mood.  Strength Training has also been proven to help prevent or control high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and cholesterol.

The Strength Training Club meets every Friday, 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm.

Antionette Watkins

Academic Advisor

The Black PEARL Program (Pretty, Educated, Aware, Refined, Ladies) is an initiative created by La Perle Noire LLC which is designed to teach and encourage young women on how to tap into their inner being and accept who they are instead of what they are not. The Black PEARL Program is devoted to educating young girls on self-confidence and a positive self-esteem. ​

Nicole Hamil

Academic Advisor